Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Look what’s in store for you in our July 2012 Summer Issue (due out mid June 2012)

Lend an heirloom touch to Colette’s “Meringue Skirt” with a lace ruffle, gathered in even increments along the scalloped hem for an amplified girly effect.

I fell in love with F+W Media’s latest sewing book by Sarai Mitnick, The Collette Sewing Handbook. I am privy too, let’s just say, a LOT of books as the editor of a sewing magazine and I have to tell you as a person with 30 years sewing experience and a degree in apparel design, I can assure you that Sarai knows her stuff! Really! I am so impressed with not only the expert instructions, but the genius organization of the topics in this book. The layout and photography is retro chic and oh so clever. It is perfect for a beginner as well as a seasoned pro. Her patterns are precise and she covers every topic from fit to finish. If you love designing clothes for yourself, you will really, really love this book – I know I do. If you teach sewing, you NEED this book. I would love to be a fly on the wall at one of her classes (maybe she will see this post and invite me to one – hee hee ;-D). 

Anyway, for our Summer issue, Amelia Johanson, Sew Beautiful’s associate editor (who is my favorite fashionista BTW) decided to make herself the ever popular “Meringue Skirt” with the scalloped hem. Sure, we know it has run it course on several blogs, BUT it’s never been presented  like WE do it. Not Sew Beautiful style! No, we added our signature heirloom touch with a floating lace ruffle that drops from the inside hem facing for a feminine touch like no other. You’ll find the instructions for this heirloom  add-on element in our next issue – July 2012. Do I have you hooked? Then you should go ahead and just order the book and materials early, because as you know we have limited quantities of THAT exact Blend print available. Just remember that as an SB blog fan you get early purchasing privileges. Don’t ever say I’m not looking out for ya ;-)

Order Colette’s book and skirt materials at For a convenient list of links go to and click Magazine, then select Shopping List. Find this article under Issue #143.

• “Meringue Skirt” from The Collette Sewing Handbook by Sarai Mitnick (Or scallop the lower edge of your favorite skirt pattern using a scallop edge gauge (see Goods, Gadgets & Goings On)

Fabric (see yardage chart)

• 2-1/2 yards of cotton lace edging at least 1-1/2-inches wide
• Blue wash-away marking pen
• 9-inch invisible zipper
• Hook and eye closure

Yardage Chart
Size                 Yards
0-2                  2-1/8
4-8                  2-1/4
10-18             2-1/3

Waist Measurement in Inches
Size     Waist                          Size     Waist
0          26-1/2                       10       32
2          27-1/2                       12       33-1/2
4          28-1/2                       14       35-1/2
6          29-1/2                       16       37-1/2
8          30-1/2                       18       39-1/2