Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tag Binky

Whenever a friend is expecting a baby, I whip up one of these tag binkies. Babies love them. They're a great way to use up small pieces of trim and ribbons; just make sure everything is washable, and avoid any trims with beads or sequins or those that could come apart, like ones with rows of motifs that are joined with just a thread or two; you know how babies like to teethe on things. Mix and match different colors and textures. Invariably the baby will latch on to one special tag, so I'm told. I usually machine embroider one side with the baby's name, if I know what it's going to be, or you can pick any fun, juvenile motif. Use solid fleece on one side and a print on the other if you like. If you don't machine embroider, just pick out a fleece print for both sides. Directions will follow in next post.

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