Friday, June 22, 2012

DIY Bishop Correction (SB July 2012 Issue)

DIY Bishop Correction
July 2012 Issue #143

I am so sorry, I mislabeled the graphics for the DIY Bishop article by Claire Meldum on page 53 and 54 of the current July Issue )#143). Figure 1 (front) and figure 3 (back) from top raw edge to line 1 should be 3-1/4 inches. Line 1 to line 2 should be 1-5/8 inches on both front and back.  Some sweet ladies from Fabric Works in Mobile, AL called my attention to it.  If you have already cut yours 2-3/4 inches, just omit one row of 1/2 inch lines (see figure 5 on page 54). You can actually choose to add more rows to add more width, or to delete rows to make the band more narrow if you like, it just needs to increase or decrease by 1/2 inch increments. I will post this correction on our website’s corrections page as well and it will always be there should you ever need to find a reference for it. 

Kathy Barnard (editor)

Correct diagrams for DIY Bishop Dress by Claire Meldrum


  1. Shouldn't you trim the the top of the front before you mark the horizontal lines?

  2. I would not recommend that. You will need a straight edge to follow to establish a grid for the smocking. The front neckline actually dips into the graph. This way, you will just follow and stitch on the intersections that are left after cutting the excess away. It is sad that you need to dip out the front and mess up your perfect lines, but it is the proper way to balance the hang of the front and back on a bishop style dress, otherwise the dress would hang longer in front than in back.
    I hope that helps.

  3. Kathy, Looking at the sample photographed on the model in the magazine, what you described above is NOT accurate. You can clearly see all the rows of smocking the entire way around the front neckline, they don't "end" where the grid is cut into.

    I'm very disappointed in this pattern and my ruined fabric after attempting it.