Friday, September 21, 2012

Sewing & Bags & Books, Oh My!

Serendipity Studio Ultimate Camera Bag
From Sew Beautiful reader Francine Kind

This should really be called the Ultimate Sewing Bag!  A few months ago at a Florida Sewing Sew-ciety charity sewing day, a friend showed me her Handy Caddy, which she used to carry her sewing notions to classes.  I loved it and immediately ordered one.  The only problem was that it did not have a cover, so I needed to be careful not to turn it over and have everything spill out. 

Serendipity struck (pun intended!).  At my first Martha Pullen Teacher Licensing (Babylock this past April), one of the ladies mentioned the Ultimate Camera Bag.  Not one to waste time, when I returned to my hotel room, I immediately got online, found Kay Whitt’s site, and ordered Media Frenzy

Fast forward to home.  I had a beautiful piece of Lilly Pulitzer fabric in my resource center just waiting for the right project.  It had been there for over a year while I searched for inspiration.  Media Frenzy arrived, and there it was!

Over three days, I measured, cut, and sewed until I finished what turned out to be just about the best sewing bag I could have imagined.  My Handy Caddy fits inside perfectly – as you can see.  Instead of the camera sections, I fitted extra pockets inside – and they hold everything I could possibly need to take to classes.  It’s even big enough for a 12-inch ruler. 

Bonus:  I used this as my personal carry-on for my second MP Licensing – Beginning 2.  Instead of my Handy Caddy (packed in my checked luggage), my USB (Ultimate Sewing Bag) held my Kindle, camera, wallet, sunglasses, cell phone, pens, lipstick, snack – well, you get the idea – everything I needed for the flights to Huntsville and back – with room to spare. 

I have enough Lilly fabric left over to make the Essential Camera Bag – which is actually just about the right size for me for a purse! 

I love, love, love my USB!

You can snag your own pattern for Media Frenzy, or any of Kay's other designs!  
Visit her store at:

Thanks to Francine for sharing her work with us!

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  1. I spend some time at the hospital with my husband and have several bags I use for the embroidery and smocking do-dads that I take with me. This one looks great just for that use!
    And, he (my husband) is the family cook so look forward to getting my hands on a copy of Martha's cookbook for him.

  2. Having recently moved to the South, this would be a great book to help me with the "cultural transition." Thanks for sharing.