Friday, October 12, 2012

Painting Autumn Pumpkins

Creativity oozes from the pores of our employees!  Sometimes, however, our work hours get bogged down with meetings, deadlines, and stress and we don't get to sit back, relax, socialize and let the creativity flow.  So we occasionally schedule after-work gatherings!  

We had one last night.  We all brought pumpkins, glue, glitter, lace, paint, and pretty much anything else you could think of to decorate a pumpkin.  Before too long, our Art Director had glitter on her feet, the yummy treats were being eaten and we were all giggling like young school girls!  Nothing brings people together like creating something!  Do you agree?

This pumpkin was decorated by Leighann, our Design Manager.  Who doesn't have scraps of lace laying around?She did, and put hers to good use!  Add some glue and glitter and TA-DA! A beautiful sparkly {easy} pumpkin.

We call this one Kathy's Cinderella Pumpkin!  Kathy, our Editor, hand painted this beauty with some simple craft paint, glue and glitter.  Amazing how such simple things can produce such elegant results!
If you are like myself, who does not possess as great free-hand abilities, consider grabbing some stencils from the local craft store.  With their assistance, some beautiful designs could also be created!

This is Kathy's other pumpkin.  She painted a few details then covered the entire thing with shimmery glitter.  Can you guess will have the prettiest porch on the block? :)

The great thing about glitter is that no matter how much or how little crafting ability you have, your product always turns out looking spectacular!

We also came across this great site, part of Better Homes and Gardens, that has many decorating ideas if carving isn't your thing.

Have you decorated any pumpkins this season?  Share with us here, our facebook page, or email them to  We love to see the work of our fans!

Happy Autumn!!

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