Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Are you ready for IEC 2013?!



Internet Embroidery Club (IEC) from Martha Pullen!

The Internet Embroidery Club (IEC) is a calendar year membership (January through December) providing embroidery designs of the highest quality for members to download to their own computers. 

When you join, you will be able to download all the designs (January through December) of the calendar year for which you join. Once you sign up, you are automatically given 300 designs and each month a new design-of-the-month is revealed and sent to you! 

 For the price, the value of joining the IEC is phenomenal.

In addition to receiving email notifications as each new design is released, current IEC members will also receive special discounts on select embroidery CDs.

Members may purchase any of the past IEC years at anytime, and access to those designs does not expire after the year is over. Browse all of the designs from 2001-2011, then visit our online store to purchase any of those years.

On the new site, you can:

  • SUBSCRIBE to the brand new 2013 IEC
    • Do this before 12/31 & you can LOCK IN the low price of $49 for LIFE!

  • SHOP previous years' designs!
    • COMING SOON... individually priced designs & bundles!

  • EXCLUSIVE Member Benefits!  
    • Monthly Bonus Designs
    • Special Embroidery CD Pricing
    • Store Discounts

 Do not delay another moment!  Sign up, and take advantage of this awesome deal!


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  2. WOW.. This looks a great way to get quality digitizing embroidery designs through The Internet Embroidery Club. Great job. Thanks.

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