Thursday, October 3, 2013

Make a Personalized Handkerchief Pillow

Handkerchief Monogram Pillow
This lovely monogrammed handkerchief pillow designed by Gail Settle is perfect for a quick all-occasion gift. The monogram adds a personal touch, but any design can be stitched in the center. If you would like to make a quick ring bearer's pillow, omit the monogram and stitch a 9-inch length of ribbon to the center for securing rings.

What you need:
• Two 12- x 12-inch hemstitched handkerchiefs
• Two 7-inch squares of white cotton fabric for pillow filler
• 2 yards of 1/8-inch silk satin ribbon 
• Fiberfill for pillow filler
• Floriani® Wet-n-Gone Tacky™
• Sulky® Solvy™ water-soluble stabilizer
• Regular construction thread
• Size 75 embroidery needle
• Water-soluble marking pen
• Size 18 tapestry needle for ribbon weaving
• Embroidery design of your choosing
• Rayon embroidery thread (white)

Embroidery Instructions:
NOTE: The rose border design pictured on our sample pillow is available to download on our website. Click the "Web Extras" tab, then "Free Machine Embroidery Designs." You'll find it on the bottom row of designs. Gail used a script font from her Pfaff 3-D software package for the lettering -- choose your favorite font to fit the center space. Gail created one combined design for a 5 x 7 hoop; if you use a 4 x 4 hoop, stitch the monogram in the center of the handkerchief before stitching your border design.

1. Print a template of your design, align and mark or crease fabric for placement on right side of one handkerchief.

2. Hoop a piece of Floriani® Wet-n-Gone Tacky™ and score center to remove paper from inside hoop area. Mark center lines on tacky stabilizer with marking pen. 

3. Place handkerchief on stabilizer aligning center lines. Place a sheet of Solvy™ on top. Attach hoop to machine and baste.

4. Stitch out embroidery and monogram in white thread.

5. Cut away excess stabilizer and soak to dissolve remaining stabilizer.

Pillow Instructions:
1. Cut 1/8-inch ribbon into four equal pieces. Thread one end of one piece through tapestry needle and weave through first row of hemstitching closest to embroidery. Leave 4-inch ribbon tails at each end. Repeat for two more sides, leaving one side open for inserting pillow filler (fig.1).

2. Straight stitch along edge of center square just next to ribbon and hemstitching on three sides woven with ribbon (fig. 2).

3. Make a pillow insert by stitching two 7-inch cotton squares with a 1/2-inch seam allowance. Leave a 3-inch opening on one side for turning and stuffing (fig. 3). Stuff with fiberfill and close opening by hand.

4. Insert pillow between handkerchief layers. Close final edge with ribbon through hemstitching and straight stitch along edge as before. 

5. Tie bows at each corner to finish.

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Sew On, Sew Well, Sew Beautiful,
Cyndi and Amelia


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I wish I knew how to Thank you for taking the time to put this post together. Your photos are beautiful, too!
    Kind Regards,
    All Vintage Hankies

  2. WOW, this embroidered pillow is the best for sleep and having good dreams. Wish to have one for myself. Your digitizing services are great. Thanks a lot.