Thursday, March 27, 2014

Stitch a Cheerful Butterfly Smocking Design

This design first appeared in SB Issue #100.

Picture smocking is a great way to add both style and personality to a child's garment. From classic designs like rocking horses or sailboats to unique plates featuring storybook characters or even sport themes, smocking allows you to make your sewing projects almost as unique as the child who will wear them. Add a touch of nature to a special little girl's wardrobe with this cheery butterfly and flower smocking plate designed by Angela Atherton and stitched by Linda Richards. Work it up in bright colors as pictured on our sample, or change the palette to softer pastel hues for an alternative perfect for spring.

Floss used on sample:
• DMC Six-Strand Cotton Embroidery Floss: #498 - red, #704 - lt green, #988 - dk green, #3845 - blue, #3823 - lt yellow, #743 - yellow, #976 - tan, #3837 -dk violet, #722 - lt orange, # 970 - dk orange

"Butterfly Sparkle"

Smocking notes:
• Cut an insert 4-1/2 x 45 inches. Pleat 10 rows. First and last two pleating rows are holding rows. Mark center valley of pleated insert. Design covers 86 pleats and uses six rows.

• Backsmock 10 rows in matching yellow floss including the holding rows.

• Begin butterfly on Row 3-3/4 on second pleat left of center valley with light green. Complete body alternating light green and tan floss.

• Pay close attention to half stitches. 

• Butterfly wings require working with two needles and two floss colors alternately.

• Work upper right red flower between 16th and 33rd pleats to right of center. Work mirror image on 16th and 33rd pleats to left of center for left flower.

• Work middle right orange and yellow flower on 31st and 44th pleat to right of center. Work mirror image on 31st and 44th pleat to left of center for left flower.

• Work lower right orange flower on 20th and 32nd pleat to right of center. Work mirror image on 20th and 32nd pleat to left of center left flower.

• Use a backstitch to create antennae for butterfly and tendrils for orange flowers according to graph.

• Add HotFix™ Swarovski™ Crystals to center of the flowers and inside wings according to photo.

"Butterfly Sparkle" Smocking Plate

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Sew On, Sew Well, Sew Beautiful,
Cyndi and Amelia

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