Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sewing in Red, White and Blue

June / July 2014
Dear Readers: After much analysis and discussion with our team, we at The Martha Pullen Company have made the difficult decision that Sew Beautiful magazine will publish its last issue this summer. For a generation we have provided the very best information and instruction you - our readers - demand. Due to changes in the market, and the magazine industry, and after seeing a decreasing number of subscribers over the years, it was no longer economically viable to publish the magazine. We instead will put our resources, energy and talents toward new and growing areas of The Martha Pullen Company business including the Internet Embroidery Club, our live - and new online - events, our popular Martha Pullen Company Online Store and more. (If you are a subscriber, you will receive information directly from us regarding your remaining issues.) 

We will strive to continue to inspire and instruct you in support of our shared passion, and our website, blog and community will continue to live on and be fostered. Though the magazine is closing, we'll turn our focus to offering you exclusive project kits, new products in our online store, live and online sewing education events, etc. We will also regularly provide you with new content on our website. Watch for more to come as we refocus and redouble our efforts to better serve you!

With that being said, we still have two more wonderful issues of this beloved magazine - the first of which we have a preview to share with you today. Its theme is "red, white and blue sewing." Of course in heirloom sewing, our version of red, white and blue isn't always the bold primary versions teamed with the starkness of white. For us, pastel blue, a wash of pink and an ivory hue are just as appealing as their more patriotic partners. Below, take a sneak peek at some of our favorite vintage-inspired designs this issue has to offer:

Cherry Dress & Whitework Embroidery in Blue

Cherry Dress - This pattern from Laurie Anderson is a classic. It's a button-front design with knife pleats in front and back, and piping trims the sleeves and Peter Pan collar. A clever buttonhole functions to close the dress down the front and decorates it too, with cheery sets of button cherries.

Whitework Embroidery in Blue - Traditional whitework embroidery doesn't necessarily require working with white threads. In fact, the term "whitework" refers to the stitch techniques contained in the design. In this tutorial, Wendy Schoen demonstrates a variety of whitework stitches in the perfect shade of baby blue. Follow her steps for a satiny fluidity where thread paths are practically undetectable.

Nolan's Tug Boat

Nolan's Tug Boat - Hand embroider a romper with this precious tug boat design from the 2014 Martha Pullen Internet Embroidery Club's "Heirloom Baby Designs" collection. I (Cyndi) knew I had to share a hand-stitched version of this darling motif with our readers as soon as I saw it. While machine embroidery may save time, I find there is just something so relaxing and therapeutic about handwork.

Pocket Pets Diaper Set & Grant's Vintage One-Piece Romper

Pocket Pets Diaper Set - The adorable puppy pockets on this outfit are sure to captivate tiny tots, but it's the unique couture finishes (like the bias gingham rouleau trim on the shaped yoke) that sets this design from Debbie Glenn apart.

Grant's Vintage One-Piece Romper - Our free pattern is a unique, wrap-around design Laurie Anderson reworked from an antique garment. This little classic suit is so simple to construct, you may want to make one in red, one in white and one in blue!

Visit our online store to read more about our June/July edition!

Sew On, Sew Well, Sew Beautiful,
Cyndi and Amelia


  1. I received my subscription the other day and have so thoroughly enjoyed this one. I am renewing according the post card on my front so I hope I get the last issue. There is much heaviness in my heart to know that Martha's baby is going away. I would absolutely understand if the publisher changed their minds now that the Royal Babe has so prominently displayed smocking around the world!! Exactly the same way his father before him spurred up the classic style for small ones. Sadly, business today does not always look forward in a 'steady' maybe we all should instead of seeking 'new' or 'different' changes so fast!! Now I am off to make the 'Cherry Dress' as part of club raffle to raise some awareness of fine sewing and smocking.

  2. so sad, I have loved this magazine for years, its been one of the best sewing mags out there. I admit I have never been a subscriber but have read all issues for many years and bought many. Hope theres a lot of happy fun stuff still available online to enjoy in future as you work out the kinks of new directions or I'm going to go into withdrawal LOL. good luck

  3. So Sad! Enjoy the magazine and patterns!

  4. This breaks my heart. I have every issue going back to the beginning. Many are in tatters! I so appreciated the direction you were taking the magazine, and though it seemed more slender than in earlier years, there was more content that I liked. Thanks so much for your work and dedication, and all best wishes for the future.

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