Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Alana's Christening Gown

Remember Kathy's robed Christening gown that we included as a free pattern in our November/December 2009 issue? Well, in that same vein, we're excited to share this beautiful similarly-styled Christening gown with you sent to us by SB reader Heather Lirette of Handcrafts by Heather. Heather says:
At my client's request I had drawn up a sketch of a coat-style Christening dress using silk cotton broadcloth and embroidered netting and then not a week later as I was pondering exactly how to make it, issue 127 arrived with the gorgeous coat style gowns. Imagine my surprise and delight. Now I knew it could be done--and how to do it.
Using the Baby Gowns pattern from The Old Fashioned Baby, Heather used ivory embroidered organza fabric and edging (Lily of the Valley, 19T6748) purchased from Baltazor Fabric Boutique, LLC and silk broadcloth dress fabric purchased from Wendy Schoen Design. Heather also used our own Martha Pullen Vintage Baby CD I  to machine embroider the gown sleeves (design MPC1948; design was edited to remove cutwork).

One sweet detail of this dress is seen in the bodice trim. Heather used flowers from a coordinating hat and booties set that were purchased by her client, but then added yoyos made from dress fabric and overlay organza. Who knew that yoyo's could ever find their place on such an elegant garment, but they look right at home on Heather's gown.

Thanks again for sharing, Heather! You can see more of Heather's work on her website at www.handcraftsbyheather.com. Don't forget to share your own creations with us by sending your pictures to blog@sewbeautifulmag.com.


  1. This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. So adorable pictures.Its really a beautiful dress for small baby.

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  4. Thank you for sharing your christening gown with us. I really liked the design as well.

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  7. A christening gown is usually 28"-36" in length. A christening dress is shorter than to the tip of the toes but still can be fairly long - even to mid-calf.

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  9. This is pretty interesting post and Alana's christening Gown is looking very beautiful and i can imagine it will look very beautiful on Alana.

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