Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sensational Sweater Makeovers from Issue #132: A Video Tutorial

In our September/October Issue #132, the Sew Beautiful staff shared an assortment of ideas for embellishing store-bought sweaters. Two of our favorites from editor Kathy Barnard are pictured here: a cream-colored cardigan with a textured black chiffon trim...

...and a black bolero sweater featuring an interesting pleated ribbon technique.

Kathy shares a quick how-to on each of these techniques in the following 2-part video. Check it out to learn more!

We hope you have fun getting creative with your sweaters using these cool handmade trims. Check out SB Issue #132 for even more embellishment ideas!


  1. I really liked seeing how you folded that ribbon. I will use that technique. Thanks!

  2. The tutorials were great. I have a question about the fringy trim method in tutorial 1 of 2. I understood the method of the stacked frayed/raveled pieces. What I did not pick up a use for or placement for was the two inch folded length piece mentioned at the beginning of the presentation in the tearing of strips. I did not see a video tutorial for a folding method nor a place to use the folded strips
    Tutorial video 2 had a folding tutorial but I sense that method was for ribbons not raw edged fabric strips mentioned in 1. I hope this makes sense the way I wrote it.

  3. Linda, I referred your question to Kathy and she responded with the following:

    "You are right, we did forget that part. So sorry. It is folded in thirds. Make the first fold at 1/3 of the 2” width and press. Then fold again matching the fold to the remaining raw edge. You will have a raw edge on the bottom on one side and a fold edge on the other. Place first strip on the stack so that the raw edge is on left side of the stack and the second strip so that its raw edge is on the right side, both strips will be placed with the fold edges on top. Does that make sense? hope that helps. Sorry bout that!"

  4. Thank you and no problem, overall the video was great & works as presented but my mind kept saying what are those two extra strips for. I thought maybe it went on the bottom to be folded backwards to become a header to sew the fringe into a seam, which would work also. Your description does make sense.
    I do have one more question when you are snipping the fabric for the fringe effect do you snip into the top folded pieces making it part of the fringe or just snip up to the edge of it?

  5. Yes, all the layers are snipped to make the fringe; you snip through the folded layers as well, down to the stitching. Hope that helps!