Wednesday, May 26, 2010

From Our Staff: Amazing Masks for "The Lion King"

We have something a little different to show you today – it's definitely not "heirloom", but we think it's cool! One of our staff illustrators, Katina Logan, is pictured below on the left, while SB editor Kathy Barnard models one of three hyena masks that Katina made for a local performance of The Lion King.

Katina designed and manufactured these extremely cool mask hats all on her own. With a combination of acrylic paints, mixed media embellishments and sewing, the result is impressively realistic.

Katina's children participate in our local Dance Theatre of Huntsville, which performed The Lion King over this past weekend. Awesome job!


  1. I see a future Halloween article coming! ~janet g

  2. Re: Halloween article. I would be more interested in info about the mask production because I do the costumes at church for children's choirs and the drama for Christmas productions. Most of the time I don't have a problem with the costumes but accessories like the masks are not something where I don't have much experience.

  3. Katina, you did an awesome job. I'm very impressed!!!