Monday, March 14, 2011

Wendy Week Giveaway Winners!

Today we are excited to announce the randomly selected winners of our Wendy Week giveaway contests! Thanks so much to everyone who participated and we hope you had a fun week exploring shadow work embroidery with Wendy Schoen! Don't forget to pick up your copy of the book in our online store to continue the fun.

3 signed copies of the book Mastering Shadow Work Embroidery
Linda (wmsla at bellsouth dot net)
Karen (ksupper1 at verizon dot net)
Lori Anne (lorianne129 at gmail dot com)

2 copies of the machine embroidery disc, Wendy Schoen's Machine Embroidery Collection I
Laurie Guidry (ljg923 at msn dot com)
TexasQuilter (drummers2 at yahoo dot com)

Year of lessons from Wendy Schoen's Embroidery Club (2004)
Jean (jean at roadq dot com)

2 copies of Wendy's instructional Shadow Work Embroidery DVD, each paired with a floche sampler pack
Robin Fonville (robinfonville at hotmail dot com)
Cindy Sews (cindy_sews at hotmail dot com)

Ducky Daisy Pillow Kit from Wendy Schoen Design
Debi (dkerbes at comcast dot net)


  1. Aaaaaaa! Thank you thank you thank you! I am jumping up and down!

  2. Jean I'd be jumping up and down too, but I'm 9 months pregnant and having her tomorrow! I'll just wait and jump up and down a little later! I'm so excited! Thank you so much for choosing me:)

  3. What a wonderful surprise...I never win anything. And to win one of Wendy's kits....thank you SB and thank you Wendy.

  4. Oh Wow!! Thank You so very much!! I can't wait to get this. Like Debi...I never win anything!! This is going to be so much fun!! Thanks again for selecting me!!

  5. Oh, my goodness! I can't believe that I won! I can not wait to receive the book. (It is on my birthday list!) Thank you! Thank you! Karen from ksupper1 at verizon dot net

  6. Congratulations to all of the Winners and thanks to Martha and Wendy for the contests and the opportunity to learn more about shadow embroidery!

  7. Congrats Winners!

    I love instructional DVD's. I also love books. Sometimes I want both. I love to gaze through the beautiful example photos in real books. For refreshing or learning new skills I enjoy DVDs because they are easy to pause then restart. I've not yet purchased any of Wendy's yet. Key word is yet.

    I've not been keeping up sewing for our 10 beautiful grandchildren from our newest, a five month old boy to a 12 year old girl. Each of my sons have sister groups. One has two girls ages 5 & 7 and the baby boy. Our other son has four girls ages 1, 3, 8 and 12. They also have boys 2, 5 and 11. I have lots of fabric and patterns, but not as much stamina. I decided to concentrate on sewing a dress/outfit for each birthday. In each family the moms store and care for hand-made items with care so they are handed down. That leaves the older girls/boys needing more new things.

    Enjoy creativity for Spring all you SB followers.

  8. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks Wendy and Martha for the opportunity to win.
    Kelly midnightsewin at yahoo dot com