Monday, November 18, 2013

Warm & Wonderful Winter Sewing Inspiration

December 2013/January 2014
Our December/January edition of Sew Beautiful features winter-inspired projects for both little ones and adults. The free pattern is a beautiful smocked children's coat designed by Laurie Anderson, and we've also included lacy heirloom designs and embroidered inspiration great for any time of the year. Here's a peek at a few of our favorite designs:

Baby Jacket & Bunting (left) and Daygown
Embroidered Baby Jacket & Bunting - Wrap baby up in the snuggly warmth and comfort of Wendy Schoen's precious embroidered jacket and matching bunting wrap. Linen floss flowers adorn the hood and bunting while prancing lambs made of countless French knots are sprinkled about the front of the jacket. 

Train Embroidered Daygown - An embroidered choo-choo train lends handmade charm to this classic daygown from designer MichiĆ© Mooney. The embroidery's simplistic outline is perfect for beginners!

Ribbon Sash
Ribbon Sash - A wide ribbon sash, drawn into stitched bows with fine ribbon tendrils, can lend a special design element to any garment. In this how-to, Connie Palmer will show you how to create this gorgeous sash and sew it to a simple yoke dress.

Dogwood Flowers (left) and Farmhouse Jacket
Dogwood Flowers - Learn Nicholas Kniel's unique approach to making lovely blooms out of ribbon in an excerpt from Creating Ribbon Flowers: The Nicholas Kniel Approach to Design, Style, Technique and Inspiration. Make these dogwood flowers, which are great for everything from a bridal boutonniere to a simple straw hat.

Farmhouse Jacket: An Embroidered Wrap Design - Embellish any basic wrap jacket pattern with a beautiful floral motif from designer Gail Doane. The sweetly embroidered design combines a circular blanket stitch, cast-on flowers and tiny buttons.

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