Thursday, February 27, 2014

Create a Whimsical Zigzag Trim

Zigzag trim featured on skirt of a sundress.

We are always amazed by what Kari Mecca can make with a Whimsy Stick. Her beautiful flower clusters rival those in nature and her ribbon and rickrack trim variations can turn an ordinary hem, neckline, bodice or sleeve into something truly unique.

Kari's newest book, Whimsy Flowers & Trims, walks you step-by-step through a glorious field of creativity and features trims and flowers that can be applied to garments and accessories for any age. Below, we'd like to share a preview of the fantastic inspiration held within the pages of this book.

Kari Mecca's Zigzag Trim:
This easy-to-make zigzag trim is a refreshing new approach to using Kari's single loop trim. NOTE: You can find a tutorial for the single loop trim on our Sew Beautiful blog. Make trim using a two-sided ribbon as both sides show equally. Finished zigzag trim is twice as wide as looped trim.

1. Make single loop trim using a short (L=1.4 to 1.6) stitch length and a small seam allowance.

Photo 1

2. Insert blade of seam ripper between loops (photo 1). Carefully cut sewing threads between every loop.

Photo 2

3. Untwist trim to create zigzag pattern (photo 2).

To learn more of Kari's fabulous techniques, be sure to check out Whimsy Flowers & Trims! Inside you will find step-by-step instructions for creating various trims, medallions and flowers, with unlimited variations and arrangements in all types and sizes of ribbons. Add stems and leaves to complete your creations or add beads and buttons before attaching them to dresses, bags, pillows or whatever you desire to embellish.

This book also includes three different sizes of Whimsy Stick punchouts made of durable cardboard, so readers can start creating their embellishments immediately!

Sew On, Sew Well, Sew Beautiful,
Cyndi and Amelia

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