Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Online Licensing from Martha Pullen Company

Have you always wanted to attend a Martha Pullen Licensing Event but didn't have the time or money?


Teaching Beginning Sewing: Online Licensing Course

We've brought this course online so that you, too, can get your certification to become a Martha Pullen licensed teacher but for less than the live event.

Here's what you get...

With this course you will be certified to teach a beginning sewing class with the curriculum provided.

We know you have great sewing skills, now learn how to apply them in a classroom setting, but not just any classroom, YOUR own classroom.

7 Required Projects to Become a Martha Pullen Licensed Teacher...
Complete, Photograph and Upload By June 30:
  • Martha’s Blouse – with darts
  • Martha’s A-Line Skirt –with darts
  • Martha’s Rag Quilt
  • Martha’s Tote or Martha’s Purse
  • Martha’s Crazy Patch Pillow
  • Martha’s Quilted Pillow Sham
  • Martha’s Madeira and Bias Shaped Table Runner


Objectives You Will Learn:

  • How to improve your teaching skills
  • Teaching methods for all student types
  • Dart tricks and zipper installations
  • Quilting basics
Licensing is a unique experience that blends the love of sewing with skill-building and business opportunity. Whether you want to teach or not, this online course just might be for you. With over 20 projects to download and videos to support the project instructions, you can hone your beginning sewing and teaching skills - in the comfort of your own home. The projects range from quilting and home decorating to garment construction and bag making.This 2-week course will prepare you to teach beginning sewing while giving you a tried-and-true curriculum. You will have licensing privileges from the day you receive your license. This means that you can either make the projects for sale without limit or, if you are teaching, you can make as many copies of the project instructions as you need for your students.

Great Bonuses and Perks!

  • Receive over 17 projects that you can use for teaching
  • Learn about special notions that make even the most difficult beginning sewing techniques easier
  • Get instructions for sewing totes, purses, curtains, garments, placemats, napkins, quilts and more that you can turnaround and teach
Projects in each licensing collection are unique to that particular licensing, so no one else will have your projects other than the students who are licensed in the same curriculum. If you choose to teach, holding a Martha Pullen License will open teaching doors that might not otherwise be available to you.

During the 2-week course you will correspond with the Martha Pullen Licensing faculty, who will be available to answer any question you might have about projects, patterns and teaching methods. You will then have three months to purchase your kit supplies and complete the required projects.

Do you have to teach if you become a Martha Pullen Licensed Teacher? No! We have many licensed teachers who never plan on teaching or do not plan on teaching at this time. Everyone is welcome!

What Do You Have to Do to Receive Your License?

Create, photograph, and post the required projects by June 30th to the Teacher Licensing Blackboard System. Projects will be evaluated by the Martha Pullen Licensing Staff. Once your evaluation is complete you will then receive your Martha Pullen Teacher Licensing Certificate. Remember, being certified does not mean that you are required to teach.

How the course works:

When you register you will get a confirmation email along with the required supply list and important rules about the course.

When the course starts on 3/3 you will get access to the online education software Blackboard, instructions for accessing this will be in your confirmation email.

Upon signing in you will see a welcome letter that will further instruct you on what to do. You will have several high-quality videos to watch before completing the required projects. These videos have beneficial information to help you on your path to becoming a teacher.
  • Project Handouts and Pattern Downloads - You have two weeks to download the project handouts and patterns (March 3-16). 
  • Watching the Videos - You can watch the videos anytime  - you just login to the licensing site anytime – night or day.  Watch Videos until June 30. 
  • Kits - You provide your own kits. This is teaching beginning sewing so the kit supplies can easily be found online or at your local fabric store. You can probably use fabrics from your fabric stash if you have one

Other features of the course:

  • Message board - you can ask other students questions, post pictures of your progress to share, and more
  • Ask the Instructor - have something you want to discuss privately? This message board is a place that only the yourself and the instructor have access to
  • Extra resources for teaching - get some Notebooks from Martha Pullen that you can download and print that are full of helpful information to share with your students
PLEASE NOTE >> you have until 6/30 to complete the 7 required projects.


Course Start Date:
March 3, 2014

Course End Date:
March 16, 2014

Projects are due by
June 30, 2014

Tuition: $500.00

Course Instructors:
Kathy McMakin
Connie Palmer
Patty Smith
Alicia Welcher
Plus special welcome message from Martha Pullen!

So what else are you waiting for?

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